2016 is here, and there are some subtle and exciting changes with the Spud Kit while some things remain the same.

  • The Spud Kit will remain in kit form, and I will continue to stock small batches of kits for enthusiasts.
  • Prebuilt kits are also available.  There are many prospective owners who don’t have the skills, experience or desire to build their own kit.  For that audience, I will offer a flat fee to build a kit and provide a finished and tested amplifier.
  • Some builders have gone down the road of endless upgrades to their kits and may have lost their way.  Also, there may be kits that have been acquired in the used market with undesirable modifications.  Whatever the situation, I can rebuild or diagnose your amp and return it to its stock function and form.  I can NewSpudLayouteven accommodate some of the modifications if that is your desire.
  • I have modified the layout slightly for my custom builds.  This modification removes a few terminal strips, reroutes the ground scheme and relocates the filament supply.  It’s a noticeable improvement in form and function.
  • The Spud Kit will be featured as a standard product at Caintuck Audio in Alexandria, KY (www.caintuckaudio.com)




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