Back in stock!

After a fairly long hiatus, the Spud Kit is available again.  6 kits are available for shipping in mid-October at this time.  Price is $390 for the basic kit, $25 for hardwood side panels and $15 for Priority Mail shipping in the US.  Any pre-orders will include a very nice pair of NOS Tung-Sol tubes in addition to the pair of stock NOS tubes included with the kit.  Email for details or simply place your order through this site.  The Tung-Sol offer will end November 1st, 2012.

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Versions Updated

All shopping cart versions have been updated.  Product updates and prices are all current.

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Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is currently under construction.  Soon, you’ll be able to browse Spud Kits, accessories, upgrade packages and related items here on the home of the Spud Kit.

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The Spud Kit gets its own site!

This little kit has been around long enough to need its own site.  While the Hawthorne Audio Forum ( will remain the sole source of internet discussion for the Spud, this site will serve as the source of information regarding availability, reviews and the latest associated products.  I’ll also create a simple and intuitive shopping cart for purchasing the Spud and accessories.

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