**DON’T BUY WITHOUT READING!! PayPal charges me a fee of about $25 when you pay by PayPal. If you need a refund for some reason, PayPal retains this fee. For example, if you pay $700, I get $675 net, and PayPal gets $25. If you ask for a refund, PayPal retains the $25. In this scenario, I can only return $675 to you on a refund in order for me to break even. This sucks, but it can be avoided by emailing me first with any questions. I’ve lost a lot of money due to people accidentally making two purchases instead of one or getting buyers remorse and asking for a refund immediately after payment. Margins are very slim, so it’s understandable that I can’t continue to bear the cost of indecision. Please be sure that you understand the delivery timing (30 to 60 days for pre-built kits depending on backlog, and about a week for kits) before making a payment. As always, if the fault is mine, I will happily absorb any fees associated with a refund.

**Shipping costs for Kits are easier to estimate than finished amplifiers due to the use of USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes. I have attempted to clarify shipping details for each item on the Products page, but if you have any questions, please email before placing your order. The shopping cart will add $25 for USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping. This rate applies to kits. Finished amplifiers are packaged in larger boxes and cost more to ship. If you use the cart for a finished amp, I’ll provide an update with your actual shipping charges based on your location and the size of the package. You can obtain a rough estimate using the information provided above.

**Terms: All orders are refundable (minus PayPal fees) prior to shipping and common sense will prevail after shipping. Refunds for custom built amplifiers will be handled on a case-by-case basis. I provide free builder support for kits via email. I may ask that you attach digital pictures to assist in diagnosing any problems you may encounter. I typically respond quickly, but please understand that I do not provide 24/7 availability, and responses may be delayed from time to time. I also offer bench support for kits and finished amplifiers. In the majority of cases, I only ask that the customer cover the round-trip shipping costs. Obvious abuse, modifications or acquisition of an amp through the second hand market may be cause for parts or service charges in addition to round trip shipping. As always common sense prevails.

**International customers should email first for shipping estimates and options. Shipping kits to most international destinations via USPS Priority Mail is about $65.00 – $95.00 USD depending on location. Pre-built amps cost more to ship due to double boxing and a larger package overall.

**Other notes:

See the Blog Page for current kit availability and information on pre-built kits that may also be available for sale.

When added to a kit, hardwood side panels are shipped unfinished. This provides you with the opportunity to sand and finish based on your preferences. If you’d like to save a few bucks and build your own, I include guidelines in the kit instructions.

Pre-built and tested amps come with finished or unfinished side panels based on the buyers preference. I typically break any sharp corners, sand lightly and apply a clear coat or Tung oil finish.